ADDED ON: 10/12/2021

LGBTI organisations say next government must enshrine rights in coalition deal

10/11/2021 | Dutch News

Gender equality organisations will be urging the future coalition parties to include LGBTI rights in the government accord at a symposium being held in Assen on Monday. ‘We are counting on the next government to honour the promises on LGBTI rights which have been set down in our Rainbow Accord, even though one of the negotiating partners [ChristenUnie] did not sign it,’ said Astrid Oostbrug, chairwoman of gay and transgender rights group COC, ahead of the meeting on International Coming Out Day. The Rainbow Accord, which was signed by 10 political parties in March, sets out measures to counteract violence against the LGBTI community and intersectional discrimination. It also includes ways of promoting acceptance of LGBTI people in schools and enabling children to have multiple parents.


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