ADDED ON: 03/28/2019

LGBTI migrants struggle to survive along Guatemala-Mexico border

03/26/2019 | Washington Blade

Gaudy Coutiño Valladares works for the Guatemalan Red Cross in Tecún Umán, a small city in the country’s San Marcos department that is across the Suchiate River from Ciudad Hidalgo, Mexico. The offices from which Coutiño and her colleagues work are behind a large metal gate on which posters that tell migrants the Guatemalan Red Cross will allow them to call their relatives and charge their phones for free have been placed. It also has a map of Central America that lists migrant shelters, railroads and highways on which migrants can travel to the U.S. border. Coutiño told the Washington Blade on March 8 as she sat next to a door on which a U.N. Refugee Agency sticker with rainbow colors had been placed that the Guatemalan Red Cross has helped more than 10,000 migrants in Tecún Umán since the first large migrant caravan reached the city in October 2018. Coutiño told the Blade that she and her colleagues have given water, medications, clothes and shoes to migrants and provided them access to free showers.


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