ADDED ON: 03/29/2022

LGBTI community in Seychelles starts media campaign for greater tolerance and acceptance.

03/28/2022 | Seychelles News Agency

The organisation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) in Seychelles has launched a campaign to promote respect, equal treatment and acceptance. Called ‘Viv, Lanmour, Respe’ – Creole for live, love, respect – the campaign was launched on March 25 as a series of public service announcements that are being aired on television channels and radio stations in Seychelles. These are being broadcast on SBC 1, SBC 2, Telesesel, Paradise FM, Pure FM, Radyo Sesel and K Radio from 24 March to June 30. LGBTI Seychelles is a non-government organisation that advocates for sexual orientation and gender identity rights in the island nation in the western Indian Ocean. The organisation’s chairperson Naddy Vidot outlined that despite Seychelles being a “tolerant society and a wonderful place to live” it is clear that many members of the LGBTI community “feel like we can’t always show up with our full identities.”


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