ADDED ON: 09/21/2018

LGBTI Advocates Denounce Support for Singapore’s anti-Gay Law

09/20/2018 | Gay Star News

Advocates for LGBTI rights have hit back at religious institutions for supporting Singapore’s anti-gay law, Section 377A. In the last two weeks both Christian and Islamic organizations have expressed support for the law that punishes gay sex with up to two years in jail. LGBTI organizations in Singapore and international rights groups denounced comments as wrong. They said the support revealed the discrimination harbored by institutions and dangerously blended politics and religion. Debate over Section 377A has flared in Singapore since India’s Supreme Court scrapped a similar law and decriminalized gay sex. The Singapore Islamic Scholars and Religious Teachers Association (PERGAS) said it supported Section 377A on religious grounds. It warned repealing the law threatened ‘the traditional family unit as the foundation of society’.


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