ADDED ON: 07/24/2018

LGBTI Activist Banned from Giving TEDx Talk in Singapore

07/24/2018 | Gay Star News

The night before Rachel Yeo was due to deliver a TEDx talk, organizers told her she’d been taken off the schedule. Friday’s session was a TEDxYouth at St Joseph’s Institute (SJI) – a Catholic school in Singapore. The theme of TEDXYouth@SJI 2018 was ‘Chrysalis’. Yeo is the Research and Advocacy Director at Singapore’s Inter-University LGBT Network (IULN). SJI had invited her to speak about her interest in LGBTI issues. But just hours before she was due to hit the stage SJI told her she would no longer be speaking. SJI cited Ministry of Education’s (MOE) ‘regulations’ for taking her off the speakers’ list. SJI said the decision ‘beyond our control’.


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