ADDED ON: 09/19/2021

LGBT veterans booted out of army for being gay win right to lay wreath at Cenotaph

9/18/21 | Daily Mirror

Forces veterans jailed or booted out for being gay will lay an official wreath at the Cenotaph for the first time on Remembrance Sunday. The LGBT support group Fighting With Pride has at last won the right to join the march-past watched by the Queen at the November ceremony organised by the Royal British Legion. The group will field at least 22 vets in the 10,000 turn-out – with ex-Nursing Corps lieutenant Elaine Chambers as the proud wreath bearer. Elaine, 60, from the Isle of Wight, was kicked out of the Army in 1988 over false accusations of indecent assault after becoming involved with another woman. She said: “It will be the first time I have worn a Royal Army Nursing Corps beret since I left. “It will be an emotional and proud moment. I feel very moved and honoured.” Elaine will be joined in the front rank of the LGBT contingent by former Navy medic Chris Ferguson, 60, and ex-naval officer Duncan Lustig Prean, 62, who added: “There’s a real sense of pride that there will be people who are openly gay marching. “But above all this is an act of remembrance. It is right gay people are represented – but this is about all those who gave their lives for their country.”


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