ADDED ON: 08/12/2020

LGBT+ survivors in Beirut coping with horrific injuries, homelessness and food shortages

08/11/2020 | Gay Star News

LGBT+ people in Beirut have been left with horrific injuries and damaged or destroyed homes after the explosion a week ago. The blast at the docks on 4 August destroyed a huge area of the city. It killed over 200 people, injured over 6,000 and left over 300,000 homeless. It particularly damaged neighborhoods where LGBT+ people were more likely to live – so many are victims. Meanwhile Lebanon’s LGBT+ organization Helem saw its community center, just half a mile from the explosion, severely damaged. Another center, run by Proud Lebanon, also sustained damage. But the human cost of the explosion is even more severe. Those who survived often have life-threatening or life changing injuries. Bertho Makso of Proud Lebanon told GSN of one colleague he works with who has suffered broken arms, legs and has lost her eye. One of their service users was blown out of her house, where she lives on the second floor, and into the garden by the force of the blast.


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