ADDED ON: 06/06/2018

LGBT Rights, Marriage Definition, ‘Defending Justice’: Three Rallies in Bucharest this Saturday

06/05/2018 | Romania-Insider

The capital will see several rallies this Saturday, June 9. Three have already been authorized, and another one has been announced on Facebook. The three authorized rallies are the 2018 Bucharest Pride march, organized by the Accept association, the Normality March, organized by Noua Dreaptă (New Right) party, and the pro-democracy rally of the Social Democrat Party (PSD). At the same time, the Facebook group titled PSD-Mafia announced an unauthorized protest against the PSD. Since the law forbids two or more public demonstrations from taking place simultaneously, the rallies will start at differed times. However, they start in the same place, namely Victoriei Square.


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