ADDED ON: 12/16/2020

LGBT rights: Hungary passes law banning same-sex adoption

12/15/2020 | Deutsche Welle

The Hungarian parliament has approved a draft law that would effectively ban same-sex adoption. It also tightens the definition of marriage and the family unit. Hungarian lawmakers on Tuesday passed a law that bans same-sex couples from adopting children. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s conservative government proposed the legislation earlier this year, and his Fidesz party has a two-thirds majority in parliament. The law says only married couples can adopt children and single people can only adopt with special permission from the state. Adoption by gay and lesbian couples had been possible until now if one partner applied as a single person. Hungarian Family affairs minister Katalin Novak, a conservative who promotes the traditional family model, would now have to give her approval to requests from single people. Gay marriage is forbidden in Hungary. Hungary’s parliament also backed a change to the constitution that defined what a family is. “The mother is a woman, the father is a man,” the amendment said.


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