ADDED ON: 12/29/2019

LGBT refugees: Repeatedly attacked in Kenya but unable to leave

12/29/2019 | Erasing 76 Crimes

On Christmas Day, LGBT refugees in Kenya again were the targets of homophobic attacks. It was just the latest outrage against LGBT asylum-seekers who are repeatedly told that, no matter where they are, they must go elsewhere or face violent reprisals. A year ago, LGBT refugees were evacuated to Nairobi from Kakuma refugee camp because the camp was unsafe for them. Then, six month ago, they were forced back to the camp because the Nairobi move didn’t work out. At Kakuma Camp, other refugees repeatedly attack them, the authorities fail to protect them, and they’re not allowed to move to anywhere safe. Two nights ago, while asleep for the first time in their new shelters at Kakuma in Kenya, LGBTI refugees were attacked and robbed. They were told to flee or they would be killed. Some ran for the bushes with 2 still missing and approximately 47 others risked camping outside the Reception Center in the hope that they may finally receive some real protection and security.


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