ADDED ON: 10/08/2018

LGBT Pride Parade Puts the Out in Outer Hebrides

10/08/2018 | The Times

In a crowded cellar bar a drag artist, 6ft 6in tall in stiletto heels, belts out Tainted Love. One thing is obvious: change has come to the Isle of Lewis. This is the Era nightclub in Stornoway and the party is the climax of the first LGBT Pride day held in the Outer Hebrides. It is a magical moment for the revelers, in this most remote of communities where for the best part of 200 years an austere brand of Presbyterianism has held sway. On Lewis, a fierce Sabbatarianism clings on, with almost 50 churches of different Protestant denominations serving a population of 18,000. Every supposed breach of moral law provokes outrage from the church militants.


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