ADDED ON: 12/16/2020

LGBT-owned kilt maker denounces kilt-clad Proud Boys

12/15/2020 | BBC

A Virginia kilt company is “disgusted” that their yellow kilts were worn by the far-right Proud Boys. Members of the group were seen sporting the bright garments at a pro-Trump rally this weekend in Washington DC. The Proud Boys are an all-male group of self-proclaimed “Western chauvinists” with a history of street violence. Verillas – the LGBT-owned brand – says the “nightmare scenario” has forced them to pull the kilts from the shelves. Extremist groups in the US often adopt or appropriate items of clothing as quasi-uniforms that indicate their allegiance and make them recognisable to others. Verillas owner Allister Greenbrier – a gay entrepreneur of Scottish descent – expressed shock and dismay that his brand was associated with the group. “I was appalled, angry and frustrated because they are the opposite of everything our brand stands for,” he told the BBC, noting that the men had initially claimed to be a metal band looking for kilts.


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