ADDED ON: 06/28/2020

LGBT+ Marches From London to New York Call for End to Racism

06/27/2020 | Voice of America

As thousands of people marched in support of Pride and racial justice globally this weekend, many demonstrators called for an end to often-overlooked racism within the LGBT+ community. Pride events to celebrate LGBT+ rights are held globally throughout June — although most were canceled or moved online this year because of the coronavirus pandemic — but the emergence of protests over racial injustice spurred a series of live events. While studies show LGBT+ people of color are more prone to violence and poverty, a 2018 Stonewall/YouGov survey also found more than half of Black, Asian and other minority LGBT+ Britons experienced discrimination from members of their own community. “It’s still definitely pretty prevalent,” said Kwamina Theo Amihyia, joining a Black Trans Lives Matter march in London. “As far as we’ve come, a lot of the strides made have been for white members of the [LGBT+] community and we’re still seen almost as second-class citizens.”


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