ADDED ON: 10/19/2021

LGBT+: Indian medical institutions are asked to amend textbooks with unscientific content

 | BMJ

Medical institutions in India should not teach from books that contain content that discriminates against LGBT+ people, the Indian National Medical Commission (NMC) has said. The NMC—India’s regulatory body for medical education and practice—published an advisory1 that medical education should not be taught in a way that is perceived to be derogatory, discriminatory, or insulting to the LGBT+ community. The commission also said that medical institutions should not approve textbooks until they are amended to remove all discriminatory content after noting that some contain derogatory comments and unscientific information about virginity. In July 2018, the Indian Psychiatric Society said that homosexuality is not a disease, but a normal variant of sexuality.2 Two months later, India decriminalised same sex relationships.


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