ADDED ON: 01/08/2021

LGBT Groups Back Trump Removal From Office, Condemn Capitol Riot

01/08/2021 | On Top Magazine

LGBT groups have condemned Wednesday’s siege of the Capitol by Trump supporters. President Donald Trump for weeks has been calling on supporters to descend on the city on January 6, the day a joint session of Congress was scheduled to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s November win. Trump appeared at a “Save America Rally” near the Capitol and repeated his claims that the election had been rigged. While Trump has failed to convince state and federal judges – including the Supreme Court – of voter fraud, dozens of Republicans in the House and Senate had announced that they were prepared to object to election results in several battleground states where Trump lost. “For the good of our democracy, Donald Trump must be removed from office immediately,” the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the nation’s largest LGBT rights advocate, tweeted. “By inciting violence and stoking fears of election integrity, Donald Trump has again shown us he is unfit to be president,” the group added.


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