ADDED ON: 11/11/2018

LGBT Group Wants its Turn to Meet with Government

11/09/2018 | St. Lucia News

With the government of Saint Lucia recently meeting with the Cannabis Movement, a group representing lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on the island is hoping that it also will be able to get the ears of the government to discuss its issues. United and Strong is the only LGBT group on the island and is celebrating 18 years of existence.  The group’s communication and advocacy officer, Bennet Charles, told Hot7 News that after the recent meeting with the Cannabis Movement, he hopes the government is eager to meet with them. “We are happy to see that the government actually met earlier this week with the Rastafarian community discussing the issue of marijuana,” he remarked. “So we are hoping that the government is also eager to meet United and Strong to discuss the issue of LGBT and the anti-buggery laws that exist in Saint Lucia.”


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