ADDED ON: 05/23/2019

LGBT group in the Philippines slams Congress’ online poll

05/23/2019 | Gay Star News

A coalition of LGBTI rights groups in the Philippines has slammed an online same-sex unions poll by the country’s Congress. It was ‘misleading and irresponsible to ask for public opinion on a nuanced issue with such inadequate information and narrow choices’ the Lesbian and Gay Legislative Advocacy Network (LAGABLAB) said. ‘Our Congress should not decide on our rights solely on the basis of personal opinions or mere online polls … Let our choices be informed and our voices be heard,’ it also said in a Facebook statement. The group also slammed Civil Partnership Bill currently in the House as failing to give equal rights. ‘Are you in favor of the proposal in the House of Representatives which legalizes same-sex unions as a civil partnership in the country?’ The poll asks.


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