ADDED ON: 12/04/2020

LGBT-friendly companies outperform in the stock market, Credit Suisse says

12/01/2020 | MarketWatch

Companies more tolerant of differences in sexuality and gender identity have seen a stock-price boost as well, according to an analysis from Credit Suisse. The investment bank put together a list of what it calls the LGBT-350. There are companies either with openly lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender senior managers and/or are voted LGBT+ inclusive employers in leading surveys. The top five companies are the same as in the S&P 500 — tech giants Apple AAPL, -0.95%, Microsoft MSFT, 0.25% and Alphabet GOOGL, 0.04%, online retailer AMZN, -0.56%, and social media company Facebook FB, -0.44%. The list is overwhelmingly U.S.-based, with Asian companies representing just 2% of its index.


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