ADDED ON: 12/06/2019

LGBT-friendly Businesses in Mexico Has Nearly Doubled Since Last Year

12/06/2019 | Latin Post

According to an advocacy group for LGBT rights, the total number of Mexican LGBT firms has been growing over the years. This has been inspired by businesses in the United States of America which are providing and expressing their support for LGBT manpower. According to the previous year’s statistics, the 69 businesses that supported LGBT employees has now increased to 120. The statistics from the annual Equidad MX report produced by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC). It is a United States-based organization. It includes in one of its latest published articles the list of LGBT-friendly businesses for the year. Thirty-six are Mexican-based firms. Compared to last year’s 15 Mexican LGBT firms making the list, it doubled in number this year. Some of the United-based businesses which are LGBT-friendly were Uber, Walmart, and Nike.


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