ADDED ON: 06/18/2019

LGBT couple in landmark Hong Kong case say coming forward was vital to give encouragement to others

06/17/2019 | South China Morning Post

Having recently won a landmark court case against the government, Angus Leung Chun-kwong and his husband Scott Adams recalled giving their first press interview four years ago, holding hands on a windswept waterfront promenade. But Leung, a senior immigration officer, and Adams, a pilot, wanted to keep a low profile at the time, so they faced the sea with their backs to the camera Since then, the couple have emerged as two of the most recognisable faces in Hong Kong’s slowly expanding gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights movement. They now vow to tell their story, bringing positive change to those who are too afraid to come out of the closet, especially Leung’s fellow civil servants. “It makes them think that if we could do it they can too,” Leung said, a rainbow watch strap visible on his wrist as he gesticulated.


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