ADDED ON: 09/25/2022

LGBT+ Conservatives urged to pull branded condoms ‘as a favour’ to Liz Truss

09/23/2022 | Pink News

Internal emails from LGBT+ Conservatives suggest the group was told to pull its branded condoms from conference by the prime minister. The party’s LGBTQ+ group announced on Thursday (22 September) that it would no longer be distributing its sloganed condoms at the party’s conference, which came with phrases such as “Never kissed a Tory but I’ve had safe sex with one”. LGBT+ Conservatives said in a statement they would distribute ordinary branded condoms instead following the death of The Queen, as they felt it would strike a more sombre tone. However, internal LGBT+ Conservatives emails seen by PinkNews suggest the group was asked to withdraw the condoms by Liz Truss. Privately, LGBT+ Conservatives members denied Truss was involved, saying the content of the emails were based on a miscommunication.


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