ADDED ON: 02/01/2020

LGBT community in Hungary faces ‘increasingly concentrated attacks’ by government

01/31/2020 | Pink News

The LGBT+ community in Hungary is facing “increasingly concentrated attacks” by the far-right government, activists have said, and hard-won LGBT+ rights in the country could be at risk. Hungarian LGBT+ rights organisation Háttér Society told NBC that a combination of hostile rhetoric from the ruling Fidesz party, anti-LGBT+ legislative moves and police who won’t protect the community had amounted to the realisation of their “worst fears”. The group said: “By the end of 2019, our worst fears had become reality when Hungarian state actors led by the governing parties started increasingly concentrated attacks against the LGBTQI community. “We fear that this… might become the modus operandi of the government. Ultimately, this will shift Hungarian public opinion that has otherwise shown signs of growing support for LGBTQI causes in recent years.”


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