ADDED ON: 06/20/2019

LGBT-community attacked in Kyiv

06/20/2019 | 112

On June 16-23 a week in support of LGBT-community is held in Kyiv. On June 19, a group of perpetrators committed an attack at the participants of Kyiv rally, as the organizational committee of KyivPride reported on its official page. On June 19, the participants of the movement were attacked near IZONE creative space. Four such cases were reported. “According to the injured, the attackers were waiting for the participants outside of PrideHouse, they followed them to subway station, they tried to knock them off their feet, beating with their legs, spraying pepper gas and abusing verbally. The injured filed a submission to the police,” the organizational committee of KyivPride. Organizers also reminded that KyivPride cooperates with police to provide legal order. Police take additional measures to ensure security on the way to the nearest subway station (Tarash Shevchenko). The organizational committee of KyivPride asks the visitors of PrideHouse to be attentive and follow the instruction on security.


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