ADDED ON: 08/10/2018

LGBT Choir Gets the Word Out on a High Note

08/08/2018 | Myanmar Times

Aung Bo (not his real name) hasn’t come out yet and fears to do so as his family is rather conservative. His sister also identifies with the LGBT community. Unfortunately for him, his beloved mother only understands her daughter’s decision as she believes in male superiority. Unable to come out at home, he tried to come out to his best friend, but it was not easy. “It took me time to start the conversation,” he recalls. This year as he finished university, he decided to get more involved in LGBT activities to affirm his identity and joined the &Proud Festival choir, a festival for the LGBT community. The &Proud choir started last August and already performed four times:  firstly at the &PROUD festival in Thakin Mya park where they sang for an audience of over 1000 people, secondly at the French Institute.  They also sang for the International Day against Homophobia in May in Myanmar Plaza.


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