ADDED ON: 04/03/2019

LGBT centre raided in Russia and volunteers detained inside

04/01/2019 | Metro

An LGBT+ centre in Russia has been raided for reportedly ‘conflating’ rules on ‘gay propaganda’. Officers arrived at Rakurs, a community centre based in Arkhangelsk, on March 28 and demanded to inspect the premises, Gay Star News reports. They then carried out a search of the centre, withdrawing materials and preventing volunteers, lawyers and five visitors from leaving the publication states. It is thought the inspection was sparked after an alleged ‘complaint’ against the centre. The organisation could now be banned for ‘conflating rules on gay propaganda’, Gay Star News indicates. Russian president Vladimir Putin passed the law, which bans ‘information promoting the denial of traditional family values’ and ‘propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations’, in 2013. The government’s stated purpose for the law is to protect children from being exposed homosexuality being presented as a norm in society.


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