ADDED ON: 07/12/2019

LGBT bullying more common than racist bullying in schools – poll

07/04/2019 | Sky News

LGBT bullying is the most prevalent type of bullying in schools, with research showing it was more common than incidents relating to racism, sexism or religion. A YouGov poll of more than 1,000 teachers working in UK primary or secondary schools revealed that 13% of children are bullied because of their sexuality, 11% because of their race, 7% because of their sex and 2% because of their religion. The research also shows 71% of teachers have witnessed homophobic bullying in school, with 35% claiming to have observed homophobic bullying at least once a month. The poll, conducted by YouGov for Amazon, also showed that 59% of people backed LGBT relationship education in schools, while 25% said children should not learn about gay relationships in schools, and 16% were unsure.


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