ADDED ON: 08/04/2018

LGBT Activists Reportedly Attacked In Southern Armenia

08/04/2018 | Radio Free Europe

A group of several dozen people attacked nine gay-rights activists in Armenia’s Syunik region, the Pink Armenia activist organization has reported. The attack is said to have occurred on the evening of August 3 in the southern village of Shurnukh, and two of the victims were reportedly hospitalized. The website spoke with lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights activist Elvira Meliksetian, who was among the victims. She said the group arrived in the village on August 2 to visit a local resident. Several hours before the attack, two men arrived at the house where they were staying and shouted homophobic slurs and threats. Later that evening, a large crowd of locals — including men, women, and children — returned to the house.


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