ADDED ON: 02/15/2022

LGBT activists rally on Valentine’s Day in Bangkok to demand same-sex marriage rights

02/14/2022 | Thai PBS World

A demonstration, led by political activist, Brahmasara “Fah” Viradhammajari and his partner Titat “Peter” Kuantrakul, was held at the CAT Telecom building in Bangkok today (Monday), when they intended to request a marriage license, which were being issued on Valentine’s Day. The couple also displayed a rejection letter, issued by Bang Rak district office, which states that their marriage license request has not been granted, because Thai law only accepts marriage between a man and a woman. Brahmasara said that they are upset by the decision, as they have tried very hard to get same-sex marriages officially recognised, noting that the government does not understand gender diversity. He also said that, with the same-sex marriage bill stalled in parliament for at least a few more months, many LGBT couples are being denied the rights they deserve.


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