ADDED ON: 09/24/2018

LGBT Activist Reportedly “Lynched” in Greece

09/24/2018 | SDLGN

A Greek LGBT activist died on Saturday, an alleged victim of a lynch mob, but officials say only a full medical investigation will determine a broader picture of how he died. Zak Kostopoulos, 33, was born in the United States but grew up in Greece. He was well-known in the LGBT community and they remain shocked at the circumstances surrounding his death. It happened on Saturday, September 22. Disturbing video footage shows an angry mob descending upon the young man as he tries to get out of a local shop with a fire extinguisher. A crowd gathers outside and when Kostopoulos finally breaks a window and begins to crawl out through the opening two men can be seen kicking him until he becomes lifeless. The amateur footage also shows some bystanders trying to help Kostopoulos, just before emergency medical personnel arrive. Kostopoulos died before reaching the hospital.


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