ADDED ON: 01/19/2023

Lesbian who fled Ghana spared jail after working illegally as nurse during Covid-19 pandemic

01/19/2023 | Pink News

Eunice Owusu had no choice but to escape her abusive arranged marriage after her sexuality was disclosed against her will to her employer, Teeside Crown Court heard, with her lawyer John Nixon explaining that she feared for her life due to Ghana’s strict criminalisation of homosexuality. The 34-year-old admitted in court to copying her cousin’s passport in order to apply for jobs in care homes after being initially denied the right to live and work in the UK. Owusu worked through the height of the Covid-19 pandemic over an 18-month period, during which she earned £27,835.70, the court heard. If she had been handed a sentence of more than 12 months imprisonment she would have faced deportation. “She is a lesbian lady which was a real issue in her life in Ghana, there was an arranged marriage and he [her husband] was violent and it is quite clear that her sexuality carries a significant sentence in Ghana,” said Nixon.


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