ADDED ON: 08/04/2020

Lesbian student sues Chinese publisher for describing homosexuality as ‘a mental disorder’ in a textbook

08/03/2020 | Daily Mail

A Chinese university student has sued a publisher for producing a textbook that classifies homosexuality as a ‘sexual physiological disorder’. The lesbian woman, 23, also brought a lawsuit against a major e-commerce website for selling the mental health schoolbook, according to local media. This case, the first of its kind in mainland China, was reportedly heard in court last week after being put on hold for three years. The judge is yet to announce a ruling. The student, known by a pseudonym Xi Xi, was studying at a university in the southern city of Guangzhou in 2016 when she read the description of homosexuality in the school material, according to Chinese news outlet The Paper. A picture released by Xi Xi to the website shows the schoolbook, published in 2013, listing homosexuality under ‘sexual physiological disorders’. The author describes homosexuality as ‘a disorder regarding sex or an inversion of sexual objectification’.


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