ADDED ON: 06/15/2020

Lesbian mothers recognized by Chilean court in historic verdict

06/14/2020 | Santiago Times

This week, the Second Family Court of Chile ordered the Civil Registry Service to register a child on his birth certificate as the son of two women. “This is a historic triumph for diverse families; it is a further step in their recognition and protection. With this sentence, the State has ratified that same-sex couples are family, and both the couple and their children deserve the same protection under the law,” Juan Enrique Pi, president of Fundacion Iguales said. Attilo José, the child of the two mothers called Emma de Ramón and Gigliola Di Giammarino, would set a precedent in the judicial history of Chile for future generations. Previous data from a similar case can be seen in 2018, where the Supreme Court ruled on that case, stating that “an individual cannot have more than one father or more than one mother,” supporting the theory that a child cannot have two fathers or two mothers.


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