ADDED ON: 08/09/2020

Lesbian lovers and a boxer in a burqa: a new look for Pakistani TV

08/08/2020 | The Guardian

A burqa-clad boxer, a high-society wedding planner and an ex-convict may sound more like the wish list for the next series of Big Brother, but they are just some of the characters in a groundbreaking new Pakistani drama show. Dubbed “Lock, Stock and Four Smoking Burqas”, the series, called Churails, is the first made in Pakistan to feature a lesbian relationship. It was written and directed by British Pakistani film-maker Asim Abbasi, and tells the story of four women who start a detective agency to catch out cheating husbands, behind the facade of a burqa boutique. “Churails is a story about women on the fringes of society,” said Abbasi. “In Pakistan, being a woman is the equivalent of being a sexual or ethnic minority because of the power dynamics of patriarchy. The series is very culturally specific, but also very universal.” However, the series, which starts this week is more than just Desperate Housewives in hijabs.


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