ADDED ON: 01/21/2022

Lesbian couple’s killing, dismemberment sparks protest in Juarez

01/20/2022 | Border Report

JUAREZ, Mexico (Border Report) – Women’s rights and LGBT activists took to the streets of Juarez on Thursday, demanding answers in the murder and dismemberment of a lesbian couple last Sunday. Chihuahua state police investigators say Nohemi Medina, 28, and Tania Julissa Martinez, also 28, were shot to death, their bodies dismembered, the parts placed in plastic bags and scattered along the Juarez-Povernir Highway. Activists said Medina and Martinez married last year and were raising Medina’s three children. Initial news reports from Juarez said the women were from El Paso, but state police officials on Thursday told Border Report that Medina was originally from Juarez and Martinez from El Sauzal, Chihuahua, a community along the highway where the body parts were found. “The authorities are blind towards what is happening. In addition to the widespread violence from drug trafficking, there’s also violence against LGBT people for being LGBT,” said Miguel Angel Jacome, who participated in Thursday’s protest in front of the state police building in Juarez and in the march that followed.


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