ADDED ON: 04/14/2019

Lesbian conference in Ukraine targeted by anti-LGBT protesters

04/12/2019 | Pink News

Anti LGBT+ protesters descended on a hotel yesterday (April 11) in Kiev, Ukraine where the European Lesbian Conference (ELC) was due to kick off. Dozens of protesters blocked the entrance to the hotel and held signs that said “homosexuality is a disease” and “go back to hell sodomites,” according to the Thomas Reuters Foundation. A number of protesters also allegedly tried to break into the hotel to throw tear gas canisters but were prevented by police, according to Olena Shevchenko of LGBT+ group Insight. Protesters broke windows at the hotel and wrote ‘homophobic threats’ on walls
Oksana Pokalchuk, director of Amnesty International Ukraine, posted photos to Twitter which showed broken windows at the hotel and “homophobic threats” written on walls.


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