ADDED ON: 08/04/2019

Lebanon protest: Boycott festival that blocked LGBT-led band

08/03/2019 | Erasing 76 Crimes

Hundreds of petitioners are urging a boycott of the upcoming Byblos International Festival because the festival cancelled a performance by the LGBT-led band Mashrou’ Leila. “Stand up for freedom of expression in Lebanon,” the petitioners say. “Byblos International Festival succumbed to the pressure of homophobic and religious extremists in Lebanon, who threatened violence against the LGBT-led band Mashrou’ Leila and cancelled their concert on Aug 9. The Lebanese government failed to protect freedom of expression, artistic creation, and human rights. We urge Yo-Yo Ma, Within Temptation, and Martin Garrix to cancel their performances in protest against this bigotry, extremism and homophobia.” As of the publication of this article, the petition had more than 700 signatures.


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