ADDED ON: 05/29/2019

Lebanon blocks Grindr in latest attack on LGBT+ community

05/28/2019 | The Independent

The gay dating app Grindr has been blocked for most users in Lebanon, sparking concern over a widening crackdown on the LGBT+ community in the country. The social networking app, which connects users based on their location, went offline for users of the state-owned internet service provider over the weekend and has been unusable since. The local Daily Star newspaper reported that access to the app was blocked by Ogero on the orders of the public prosecutor’s office, and that it would soon be blocked by all internet service providers. No explanation for the ban has been given. The blocking of the app is just the latest in a series of moves by authorities that have raised concerns among the LGBT+ community in Lebanon – once seen as a beacon of liberalism in a religiously conservative region.


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