ADDED ON: 06/22/2022

Leading Colorado LGBTQ lawmakers find Pride — and insight — in Israel

06/21/2022 | The Colorado Sun

State Rep. Brianna Titone was a grand marshal of the Denver Pride Parade in 2019 and has walked in Pride parades in New York and Copenhagen, but she said it was her honor as chair of the Colorado Legislative LGBTQ Caucus to be one of the 170,000 people marching in the Tel Aviv Pride Parade earlier this month. “I like to be visible and interact with people in different places to learn from them and have them learn from me,” said Titone, the state’s first transgender legislator. “This exchange of ideas, of what equality looks like, helps foster change when brought back to our home lands.” Titone and Rep. Leslie Herod, the first African American LGBTQ elected official in Colorado, both were on sponsored trips to Israel this month to learn about the LGBTQ+ community and other broader political issues. Titone, a Democrat from Arvada, was a guest of A Wider Bridge. Herod, a Denver Democrat, was on a trip organized by the American Israel Education Foundation.


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