ADDED ON: 08/03/2018

LDP ‘instructs’ Sugita to Educate Herself after Anti-gay Article

08/03/2018 | Asahi Shimbun

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party finally took action after two weeks of failing to condemn lawmaker Mio Sugita’s homophobic views in a magazine article she wrote that sparked harsh online criticism and a public protest. The LDP posted on its website on Aug. 2 that it had issued an “instruction” to the Lower House member to be more aware in the future about expressions that show a lack of understanding about sexual diversity, as well as consideration to the relevant parties. In response to questions from The Asahi Shimbun, Sugita issued a statement saying she sincerely accepted the party’s view and would “endeavor” to improve her understanding of the issues. Sugita’s article appeared in a monthly magazine that went on sale on July 18. Referring to gay couples, she wrote, “Those men and women do not reproduce. In other words, they are ‘unproductive.’ I wonder if it is appropriate to spend taxpayer money on them.”


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