ADDED ON: 10/27/2019

Lawyer who announced the launch of the anti-trans LGB Alliance is thrown under the bus by her law firm

10/26/2019 | Pink News

Lawyer Allison Bailey of Garden Court Chambers, who describes herself as “gender critical”, wrote a tweet on Tuesday (October 22) announcing the launch of the group. She wrote: “This is a historic moment for the Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual movement. “LGB Alliance launched in London tonight, and we mean business. Spread the word, gender extremism is about to meet its match.” However, lesbian, gay and bisexual people were quick to call out the new group – blasting it for being “transphobic”, “disgusting” and “vile”, and many telling members: “You do not speak for me.” Many in the LGBT+ community also pointed out that many members of the new group are straight, as are a lot of the people backing it online. But now, Garden Court Chambers has posted on its website to say that it does not agree with Bailey’s views.


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