ADDED ON: 10/26/2018

Law Permitting Destruction of LGBT Criminal Records Has Seen Low Uptake so Far

10/24/2018 | CBC

Despite efforts to promote the program, only a handful of people have applied to have criminal records for homosexual acts expunged after Parliament passed legislation to formally erase those unjust convictions four months ago. As of Oct 1, the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) had received just seven applications for an expungement order since the program was launched on June 21, 2018. So far, only two expungements have been ordered; the other applications are still under review. “While initial uptake on the program has been light, due to the historical nature of many of the convictions likely eligible for expungement, PBC anticipated that it could take some time for potential applicants to gather the documentation needed in order to apply,” said PBC spokesperson Iulia Pescarus Popa.


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