ADDED ON: 04/30/2021

‘Laughing-stock’ Polish town revokes ‘LGBT-free’ status so it can keep lucrative EU grants

04/29/2021 | Pink News

The small community of Kraśnik in eastern Poland was among the first in the country to sign a public declaration against LGBT+ rights in May 2019. The document declared the town “free from LGBT+ ideology” and promised to combat “homopropaganda” and the “sexualisation of children”. But the town’s mayor rapidly realised that actions have consequences when Kraśnik became “a synonym for homophobia”, he complained to the New York Times. Now with millions of Euros in EU grants at stake, councillors have backtracked and voted to withdraw the anti-LGBT+ resolution to save their town. “If we repeal this resolution, we have a better chance of obtaining external funds in the future,” said mayor Wojciech Wilk ahead of the vote, quoted by Dziennik Wschodni.


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