ADDED ON: 12/30/2020

LA LGBT Center administers its first COVID19 vaccinations

12/29/2020 | Los Angeles Blade

HOLLYWOOD – Doctors and staff clapped after Keith Leach, a Black frontline worker healthcare coworker at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, received his first dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination Tuesday morning. The first of 400 doses received by the Center, it was dispensed by Dr. Ward Carpenter, co-director of health services at the Center’s McDonald/Wright Building located on North Schrader Blvd. Leach, told the Blade that he felt “great and happy” after receiving the vaccine. He then highlighted the fact that, for the Black community, it might be difficult approaching the vaccines due to the history of the healthcare industry being racialized, but recommends that everyone get the vaccine because of how important it is. “Seeing so many people in [the Black] community being disproportionately affected by the virus- I know I needed to get the vaccine,” he said. Dr. Carpenter said, “It’s exciting. It’s the day we give the vaccines. It feels like the dawn of an era.”


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