ADDED ON: 10/03/2020

Kyrgyzstan: Dirty tricks come to fore at final election hurdle

10/02/2020 | EurasiaNet

The final days of Kyrgyzstan’s parliamentary election have seen a deployment of sinister dirty tricks that raise the suspicion that security services may be helping engineer the outcome. A short film that circulated widely through messaging apps on September 29 featured secretly filmed video images of two male alumni of the American University of Central Asia, or AUCA, engaged in intimate relations. The accompanying commentary contrives, in a convoluted line of argument, to use the footage as a smear of political parties rivaling the likes of Birimdik, which is widely anticipated to emerge as the party of government after the October 4 elections. The contention is that while AUCA is purportedly propagating what the narrator describes as “immoral Western principles,” it is also serving as a feeder for parties like Reforma, Ata-Meken and Bir Bol.


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