ADDED ON: 02/25/2022

Kyiv Pride sends defiant message to Putin after Russia invades Ukraine: ‘We will never give up’

02/24/2022 | Pink News

There was widespread shock and condemnation across the world on Thursday morning (24 February) when the Russian president launched a “military operation” in Ukraine. He announced the decision in a surprise televised announcement that was immediately condemned by other world leaders. Explosions could reportedly be heard across the country, while Ukraine’s foreign minister warned that a “full-scale invasion” had begun. Gunshots and explosions have been heard at Kyiv airport, while the country’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has reported that Ukrainian military command posts in Kyiv and Kharkov have been targeted in rocket attacks. In recent weeks, Ukraine’s LGBT+ community have spoken of their fears for the future if Russia were to invade. Kyiv Pride, one of the country’s biggest LGBT+ rights groups, hit out at Russia and Vladimir Putin on Twitter on Thursday morning as news of the invasion broke. “We remain strong, we are not intimidated,” Kyiv Pride wrote. “Putin will break all his teeth trying to bite us. We have left far behind the past to which he seeks to draw us. We are a country that has chosen the values of human rights, humanity, life and personality. “Putin lives in the past, he has a place there.” 


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