ADDED ON: 05/05/2021

Kosovo Police investigate threat to LGBTI activist

05/04/2021 | Prishtina Insight

Kosovo Police said on Tuesday that they are looking into allegations that the life of a well-known LGBT activist, Lend Mustafa, was threatened at the weekend. “We are currently working on an investigation of circumstances of the incident and in coordination with the prosecutor have initiated an investigation into the intimidation,” police told BIRN in a written answer. On Sunday, Mustafa said in a post on Facebook that he was threatened in Prishtina’s main square. “It is noon in the square and a bearded boy spat in my face and shouted ‘I will kill you’,” Mustafa wrote. “I have been insulted before, I was threatened and someone tried to run over me with a car [in the street] but nothing has been more humiliating and disgusting so far,” he added. Mustafa vowed not to give up his activism. “I will still fight as I have always fought and I will remain here [in Kosovo],” he said.


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