ADDED ON: 08/27/2018

Kerala Floods: Queer Groups Organize Relief for Thousands, Help Rescue Hundreds

08/26/2018 | News Minute

Thiruvananthapuram-based Queerythm turned their 24-hour helpline number for the LGBTIQ+ community into a number for distress calls. Juhi Chawla comes out of the house, barking at a stranger. She settles down only when Priijth pats her and tells her it’s alright. She’s only a puppy, he tells the visitor. By now Juhi must be used to strangers popping up at the house in Kowdiar, Thiruvananthapuram. A few days ago, it had turned into a collection point for flood relief. And several boxes of material have come in since. Before all that, it was just the office and co-living space of Queerythm, an organisation working for the rights of the LGBTIQ+ community. When the floods became too severe, Prijith PK, the founder and president of Queerythm, turned the 24-hour helpline number (9745545559) into a number for distress calls.


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