ADDED ON: 03/02/2023

Kenya: Senate, House Majority Leaders Contest Supreme Court LGBT Verdict

03/01/2023 | All Africa

Nairobi — Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot (Kericho) and his National Assembly counterpart Kimani Ichung’wah (Kikuyu) have termed Friday’s ruling of the Supreme Court of Kenya on gay rights as absurd. Cheruiyout condemned what he called a ruling against the natural law of justice which could erode the moral ethos of young folk. “There is a serious contradiction, in that you cannot tell me that, what I am engaged in, is illegality as per the laws of the land but then go ahead to give me an illegality to caucus and have a union of the same illegality. That is what we find to be completely absurd, we know about our Constitution as a basis of the foundation of a good society,” he noted. Ichung’wah said gay rights are a nonpriority for Kenyans and further pointed out that the Kenyan law clearly stipulates that homosexuality is illegal and the majority of Kenyans support that. “I want to affirm our position as Leader of Majority in the National Assembly; we are not in anyway in any near future going to be reviewing the penal code and all related laws. As the ruling party and a leader, our priority now is on the economy and nothing but the economy,” the Kikuyu MP stressed.


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