ADDED ON: 05/07/2020

Kenya LGBT refugee protest ends with tear gas and batons

05/06/2020 | Bay Area Reporter

Police attempted to disband a protest of about 60 LGBT refugees outside the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugee’s office in Kakuma, Kenya at the end of last week. Some of the demonstrators, who wore rainbow face masks, brought their children. They orchestrated a peaceful sit-in outside the office that started April 27. A few days later, police moved in, using tear gas and batons. The protesters were demanding quick relocation to LGBT-friendly countries and increased security inside Kakuma Refugee Camp, where a majority of the queer asylum seekers and refugees reside. Authorities were reportedly called out to the LGBT group’s compound at Kakuma Block 13 after the group was attacked again, according to a May 4 video posted on Facebook by transgender rights advocate and refugee Doreen Andrewz.


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