ADDED ON: 10/06/2021

Kenya Banned This Gay Documentary — It Will Now Stream Across Africa

10/05/2021 | The Advocate

The Kenyan documentary about the life of a gay man navigating life in the conservative country I am Samuel was banned in Kenya in late September. While the documentary has been banned in the East African country, the film will be available to watch online across Africa starting October 14. The Kenya Film Classification Board said they banned the film due to the film’s support of LGBTQ+ people and positive representation of same-sex marriage, “the film blatantly violates Article 165 of the Penal Code that outlaws homosexuality…” as well as “Article 45 of the Kenyan constitution, which recognizes the family as the basic unit of society and defines marriage as between two persons of the opposite gender.” The board added that the film is “an affront to our culture and identity.” It warned that those who attempted to show the film would be met with harsh penalties. Kenyan law criminalizes homosexuality. If convicted, individuals can face up to 14 years in prison.


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